Krem nawilżająco-matujący do cery mieszanej

Moisturizing and matting cream for mixed skin

Intensively hydrates and simultaneously leaves the oily parts of skin perfect matte.

The formula regulates sebaceous glands functions, thereby guaranteeing visible matte effect. The aloe vera extract (Aloe vera) content boosts regeneration of epidermis and helps maintain balance of the oily T-zone. While it smoothes and firms skin, it also protects it from the damaging effect of free radicals. In addition, it is a perfect solution for mixed skin, as it provides excellent hydration and nourishment to deep layers of skin.
50 ml

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a perennial plant that belongs to succulent plant species able to survive in severe conditions of a limited water supply. Its properties were widely recognized in ancient times. Aloe vera as a part of beauty treatment was used, among the others, by Cleopatra. Its agents intensively moisturize and nourish skin. At the same time, they help keep balance of the oily areas of skin.

Krem nawilżająco-matujący do cery mieszanej