Krem nawilżająco-regenerujący do cery suchej

Moisturizing and regenerating cream for dry skin

It guarantees optimum skin hydration.
It intensively nourishes and regenerates.

The content of moisturizing particles – galactomannans, isolated from a Peruvian Tara plant (Caesalpinia spinosa), guarantees skin is provided with optimum moisture. The formula deeply nourishes and regenerates dry skin on face, simultaneously protecting it from the damaging effect of free radicals and, thereby, delaying the processes of premature skin aging. In addition, it forms a natural protective film on your skin and strengthens its lipid barrier.

50 ml

Caesalpinia spinosa

The small leguminous tara tree native to Peru is extremely resistant to the arid climate of the Andes. Galactomannans, which are extracted from endosperm of tara tree seeds, are natural moisturizing particles. Their retention properties provide protection of the tree seed from dehydration. They intensively moisturize and nourish skin and prevent it from the loss of hydration both from skin outermost and deep layers.

Krem nawilżająco-regenerujący do cery suchej