35+ Antyoksydacyjne serum odbudowujące

Antioxidant renewal serum

It reduces the first wrinkles and evens out the skin texture. Has antioxidant properties. Reduces signs of fatigue.

The concentrated extract from the Acmella oleracea buds intensively rebuilds the collagen architecture of the skin, so that the serum effectively reduces the first wrinkles and prevents new ones from appearing. Additionally, the serum levels the surface of the skin, while providing a visible smoothing and micro lifting effect already after the first application*. Rich in fatty acids (80%) macadamia nuts oil has an antioxidant effect, and thanks to gradually released oligosaccharides serum provides a long-term moisturizing and nourishing of the skin, restoring grey and tired skin its freshness and radiance.

Designed for daily care of the face and neck and for all skin types.

Perfect as an under make-up smoothing base.

30 ml

* on the basis of dermatological and application tests

Acmella oleracea

The plant of the Asteraceae family, originating from subtropical regions, reaching a height of 30-38 cm. Exerts tensing properties, acting as a natural lift for the face, while improving the skin’s appearance. Her tiny, yellow-red, virtually devoid of petals flowers contain 1,25% of spilanthol – a plant alkaloid. It is valued for its firming and anti-wrinkle properties.

35+ Antyoksydacyjne serum odbudowujące