Krem przeciwdziałający procesom starzenia do cery mieszanej

Anti-aging cream for mixed skin

Smoothes expression lines.
It provides nourishment and care and simultaneously leaves the oily areas of skin perfect matte.

It provides visible matte effect to oily areas of skin and also nourishes, regenerates and improves tone of mixed skin. The african tree Enantia chlorantha extract used in the cream balances the production of sebum, visibly reduces pores and has antibacterial effects. Thanks to the terpenoids, the formula stimulates collagen synthesis, delaying the onset of first lines and wrinkles. Additionally, it reduces visibility of expression lines and guarantees your skin feels firm, smooth and supple.

50 ml

Enantia chlorantha

The tree grows on the lands of Equitorial Africa. It grows promarily in shaded areas and the tree bark infusion is used by the local people for its healing properties. Additionally, the extract guarantees antibacterial effect, regulates sebaceous glands functions, it visibly shrinks pores and prevents from the onset of acne.

Krem przeciwdziałający procesom starzenia do cery mieszanej