Krem ujędrniająco-wygładzający do skóry oczu i ust

Firming and smoothening eye and mouth cream

Smoothes deep wrinkles around eyes and lips.
Reduces dark circles and symptoms of stress.

The cream effectively smoothes skin around the eyes and gives subtle lifting effect to the delicate skin around lips, visibly improving their contour. The rich in rejuvenating flavonoids Japanese cherry extract (Prunus serrulata) together with natural lipopeptides deeply nourish skin, restoring its firmness and suppleness. In addition, it effectively regenerates skin and thanks to the hesperidin content, it visibly diminishes puffiness and dark circles.

15 ml

Prunus serrulata

Japanese cherry is a tree species grown in Japan for decorative purposes, as it is known for its impressive blossom. The cherry blossom extract is rich in rutin and flavonoids. It provides intensive repair, regenerating and moisturizing effect, and the antioxidants neutralize the effects of free radicals responsible for skin aging.

Krem ujędrniająco-wygładzający do skóry oczu i ust