Krem liftingująco-odżywczy na dzień

Lifting and nourishing day cream

Guarantees lifting effect through intensive stimulation of cellular regeneration.
Deeply nourishes and moisturizes skin.

The cream intensively enhances suppleness and firmness of skin with simultaneous reduction of extent and depth of lines and wrinkles, thereby providing visible lifting effect. The bioactive substances isolated from soybean sprout (Glycine soja) and wheat provide skin with essential minerals, vitamins and nucleic acids giving skin extra intensive nourishment.

50 ml

Glycine soja

A legume plant, discovered and valued for its nutritional qualities in asian countries. Frequently referred to as Ussurian soybean, is believed to be the ancestor of now commonly cultivated soybean. The soybean extract contains bioactive peptides and oigosacharides that provide skin with energy that allows for enhanced synthesis of collagen and elastine. It considerably delays the processes of skin aging and the onset of first lines and wrinkles.

Krem liftingująco-odżywczy na dzień