Balsam intensywnie odżywiający

Nourishing body lotion

Intensively nourishes and regenerates.
Restores skin comfort and balance.

It provides intensive nourishment and care.
Field horsetail extract (Equisetum arvense) boosts metabolism of collagen, it has restoring and firming effects.
The lotion restores optimum hydro-lipid balance, eliminates skin roughness, soothes irritation thus making skin regain its natural comfort, vitality and healthy look.

180 ml

Equisetum arvense

Field horsetail is believed to be one of the oldest plants on earth. It is rich in flavonoids, minerals, organic acids, plant sterols and, most importantly, silica – a source of silicon that is one of building blocks of skin, hair and nails. Therefore, it has unique effect on beauty. It is responsible for maintaining hydration and improves metabolism of collagen, leaving skin supple, firm and giving it healthy look.

Balsam intensywnie odżywiający