Regenerujący krem do rąk i paznokci

Hand and nail regenerating cream

Hydrates, protects and regenerates skin. Strengtehns nails.

It regenerates, smoothes and protects sensitive skin of your hands. The lemon oil (Citrus lemon) content provides antioxidant agents that prevent skin aging. The formula has strong hydrating and nourishing effect and provides intensive skin care. Regular use helps keep skin smooth, improves its elasticity and the condition of nails.

50 ml

Citrus limon

Citrus Limon, native to China, has found its place in perfume industry, it is used in creams, soaps and antiseptic formulas. Thanks to flavonoids, lemon has antioxidant properties. Protects skin cells from damaging effect of free radicals and prevents aging processes.

Regenerujący krem do rąk i paznokci