Przeciwzmarszczkowy żel do mycia twarzy

Anti-wrinkle facial cleansing gel

Effectively cleanses and cares for the skin, while maintaining a proper level of hydration.

Has an anti-wrinkle and firming effect, improving the elasticity.

The delicate formula of the gel provides thorough cleaning of the skin from all impurities, nourishes and restores the proper level of hydration, necessary for maintaining a young and healthy appearance. The extract of marigold (Calendula officinalis), thanks to the presence of saponins, intensively moisturizes and normalizes the skin, additionally having antioxidant properties. Hyaluronic acid, additionally present in the composition, is not only characterized by the intensive moisturizing and soothing effects, but above all, has a strong anti-wrinkle effect and improves skin elasticity and firmness. Thanks to systematic application of the BIOLIQ gel, it smoothes the existing wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones, leaving the skin clean, fresh and soft to the touch.

Perfect also for sensitive skin.

125 ml

Callendula officinalis

Marigold is an annual plant of the Asteraceae family, originating from the Mediterranean and the Middle East. It has flowers in the form of baskets in color from creamy to orange and the pleasant balsamic scent. Because of its intense anti-irritation properties, it is used as an ingredient in cosmetics designed mainly for the care of sensitive, dry and irritated skin.

Przeciwzmarszczkowy żel do mycia twarzy