Krem do cery trądzikowej na dzień

Day cream for acneous skin

Effectively leaves skin matte and diminishes the appearance of imperfections. Calms irritation and has antibacterial effects.

The formula regulates the sebaceous glands activity and, as a consequence, it minimizes the production of sebum and perfectly mats oily areas of skin. In addition, it has antibacterial effect and reduces the onset of new imperfections. The Cimicifuga racemosa extract protects skin cells from the effects of free radicals, it calms irritation, providing an optimum care for skin with blemishes.

50 ml

Cimicifuga racemosa

A perrenial native to North America. Due to the fact that its flowers do not blossom simultaneously, it is sometimes referred to as fairy candle, as its inflorescence resemble a flaming candle. It is used in cosmetology for its antioxidant and calming properties.

Krem do cery trądzikowej na dzień