Krem kojąco-wzmacniający do cery naczynkowej

Soothing and strengthening cream for skin with weak capillaries

Reduces irritation and redness. Fortifies capillaries, hydrates and nourishes skin.

Thanks to horse-chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) extract content, it fortifies fragile capillaries. It reduces redness and calms irritation of the delicate cuperose skin.
The cream intensively nourishes and hydrates. In addition, it protects skin from damaging effects of external factors, regenerates, calms and hydrates sensitive and cuperose skin, visibly improving the general look and condition of your skin.

50 ml

Aesculus hippocastanum

Horse-chestnut, a tree of the soapberry family that grows to 25 metres. Its fruit is a rounded spiky capsule that contains one to three seeds called horse-chestnuts. Horse-chestnut extract is a rich source of aescin that strengthens blood capillaries and increases their resistance to ruptures.

Krem kojąco-wzmacniający do cery naczynkowej