Krem regenerujący do cery trądzikowej na noc

Regenerating night cream for acneous skin

Diminishes acne changes. Reduces visible imperfections.

White tea extract (Camellia sinensis) minimizes accumulation of the peeled epidermis and prevents appearance of blackheads. It has calming and soothing effect, improves condition of acne-prone skin. The combination of oleanolic acid and osmotic gel regulates functioning of sebaceous glands and has antibacterial effects. In addition, it boosts night regeneration of skin, accelerating reduction of acne changes. It prevents new skin imperfections. Skin looks healthy, properly nourished and relaxed in the morning.

50 ml

Camellia sinensis

White tea obtained from harvested in spring young buds of a tree of the aceae family. Its leaves undergo fermentation process that helps preserve valuable nutrients in the most concentrated form. Thanks to high content of antioxidants, white tea infusion is referred to as youth elixir. The extract itself minimizes accumulation of peeled epidermis, soothes and calms irritated skin.

Krem regenerujący do cery trądzikowej na noc