Krem rozjaśniający przebarwienia

Brightening cream

Evens discolorations-prone skin tone.
Nourishes and regenerates skin.

Thanks to Rabdosia rubescens extract content, it reduces the visibility of pigment spots. The cream brightens visible discolorations and prevents from the onset of new ones. It evens skin tone, guaranteeing your skin radiance and healthy look. In addition, it delays processes of premature skin aging, regenerates, nourishes and hydrates skin.

50 ml

Rabdosia rubescens

A tiny herbaceous plant grown originally in north China regions. Commonly used in medicine and in cosmetology. Due to its ability to stop melanin, hemoglobin and collagen catabolism it is an excellent ingredient of brightening formulas. Its application evens skin tone guaranteeing skin fresh and healthy look.

Krem rozjaśniający przebarwienia