DERMO Punktowe serum depigmentacyjne

Anti-dark spots depigmenting serum

Actively reduces and lightens hyperpigmentation changes of different origins, evening out the skin tone. It contains sunscreen (SPF 20 UVA / UVB).

The active ingredients of the serum intensively reduce and lighten hyperpigmentation discolorations of different origins. The peptide compound affects the inhibition of the activity of melanocytes, effectively preventing excessive production of melanin in the skin. In addition, shikimic acid, naturally present in the scrub Illicium lanceolatum, gently exfoliates and smoothes the skin within discoloration, accelerating the process of balancing the skin tone. Serum contains a protective filter (SPF 20), which protects the skin from sunrays UVA / UVB, which stimulate hyperpigmentation process.

Effectiveness confirmed by dermatological tests: reduction of discoloration already after 2 weeks (while using the formulation 2 times a day in a place of discoloration).

Serum is designed for pointwise application on the skin in a place of discoloration (avoid eye area). Recommended to reduce the discolorations of different kinds, including: sun-related hyperpigmentation, post-acne discoloration, and age-induced or caused by impaired hormone function discolorations.

10 ml

Shikimic acid (Illicium lanceolatum)

Shikimic acid is a naturally occurring beam obtained from Illicium lanceolatm bush, originating from areas of the Far East (China and Japan). It is a highly valued raw cosmetic material due to its excellent exfoliating properties (10-fold higher compared with glycolic acid), without causing the irritating effect.

DERMO Punktowe serum depigmentacyjne