Serum punktowe na trądzik

Anti-acne serum for pointwise application

Reduces visible imperfections.
It has antibacterial effects and calms irritation.

The serum reduces multiplication of bacteria responsible for occurrence of local inflammation and prevents hyperkeratosis. Oleanolic acid content obtained from the olive tree leaf extract (Olea europaea) stops 5-alpha reductase functions, regulating the sebaceous glands activity. The cream has regenerating effects, calming irritation and reducing occurrence of post acne scarring. In addition, it neutralizes the damaging effects of free radicals, prevents oxidation of skin lipid layer.

15 ml

Olea europaea

European olive, a tiny slow growning tree of Oleaceae family, is grown in the Mediterranean regions of warm climate. Its stone fruit is commonly known as an olive. Its leaves are a rich source of oleanolic acid that regulates sebaceous glands activity.

Serum punktowe na trądzik