Bioliq is an innovative dermocosmetics brand of daily care products, concentrated on satisfying individual needs of women of all ages. The formula of Bioliq dermocosmetics is based on natural and active substances obtained via extraction methods that guarantee preserving the substances’ unique properties.

The basis of Bioliq line is Onopordum acanthium extract that is rich in skin enhancing sesquiterpene lactones. The extraction method applied guarantees that its strong regenerating properties are preserved. It is due to the substance ability to stimulate keratinocyte (epidermis cells) cell differentiation. Thanks to that, all Bioliq products naturally stimulate skin reconstruction, renewing and intensively regenerating skin.

Apart from Onopordum acanthium, each Bioliq cream contains additional natural herbal extract dedicated to individual needs of skin of all ages, intensifying and supplementing the effects of the formula.