Exfoliating face gel

BIOLIQ exfoliating face gel ensures a comprehensive and deep cleansing as well as a significant improvement in the structure and quality of the skin with a tendency to develop imperfections. Gentle gel formula effectively removes all impurities, and natural microparticles from almonds shells exfoliate the skin delicately, removing dead skin cells and smoothing out skin irregularities.

The combination of oleanolic acid from olive tree leaves, nordihydroguaiaretic acid and osmotic gel makes the gel normalize the secretion of sebum, effectively reduces existing imperfections (comedos, blackheads) and narrows the enlarged pores. In addition, willow extract shows antimicrobial and detoxifying effects, and rich in vitamins and minerals aloe leaf juice perfectly regenerates the skin, soothes irritations and redness, and helps reduce the discolorations and acne marks.

125 ml