Facial cleansing gel (with silicone brush)

Effectively cleanses the face skin of any impurities. Moisturizes and nurtures the skin. Does not contain soap.

125 ml
Effectively cleanses the face skin
The gel has a delicate formula which thoroughly removes any impurities from the skin surface. The soft brush reaches hard-to-reach places, boosting the cleansing effect.
The soft brush ensures a delicate exfoliating effect
A silicone brush massage deeply cleanses the skin, providing a delicate epidermis exfoliating effect, which makes the gel not only unclog the skin pores, but also prevent black heads, as well as smoothen the skin and balance its colour.
Perfectly moisturizes and nurtures the skin
The gel contains babassu (Attalea speciosa) oil with emollient properties, which perfectly moisturizes the skin and leaves it soft and silky to touch.
Makes the skin refreshed and noticeably softer
Thorough cleansing combined with a delicate exfoliating massage makes the skin refreshed and brightened with balanced structure. It does not contain soap, which makes it suitable for sensitive skin as well.

Everyday routine becomes pure pleasure.

Cleansing is the skin care foundation. Bioliq guarantees deep and thorough skin cleansing and the massage with a soft brush makes the ordinary routine enjoyable and satisfactory with the effects.

  • Thorough cleansing effect

    Microfibers of the brush remove impurities even from the hard to reach parts of your face.

  • Gentle peeling effect

    Flexible microfibers remove imperfections leaving your skin soft after the first use.

  • Skin revitalization

    Massage with silicon brush boosts microcirculation in your skin.


Effects confirmed by tests
of surveyed women confirmed that, after using the gel, the skin is moisturized.
of surveyed women admitted that the gel effectively cleanses the skin of any impurities.
of surveyed women confirmed that the skin becomes fresh, brightened, and velvety soft.
Noticeable skin quality improvement after around 7 days of use.
Do you know that…
plant oils proves perfectly useful in cleansing any skin type?
Attalea speciosa is a palm species growing in the Amazon rainforest. From its seeds, babassu oil, highly valued in the cosmetic industry, is obtained through pressing. It owes its properties to the high content of saturated fatty acids: lauric acid, myristic acid, and palmitic acid. It quickly penetrates the skin, perfectly moisturizing it and facilitating the removal of impurities without leaving an oily film.
You will love it, just because
  • it has a cleansing brush-tipped tube
  • it has a subtle and pleasant smell
  • it has a mild formula
  • it does not cause astringency on the skin
  • it does not contain soap
  • it is ideal also for sensitive skin

Facial cleansing gel (with silicone brush)

Effectively cleanses the face skin of any impurities. Moisturizes and nurtures the skin. Does not contain soap.


31,40 PLN


Intended for daily cleansing of the face skin. Recommended for sensitive skin as well.


To start, turn the tube tip to the ON position. Then, wet the silicone tip with water and squeeze a proper amount of the product. Turn the tip to the OFF position again. With round motions, clean the wet face skin using the silicone tip. Wash the face skin and rinse the tip under running water. Avoid contact with the eyes.

Product efficacy confirmed by application tests, August–September 2014.


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