You have just crossed the 65th year of your life and are probably wondering what your skin care should look like from now on? In fact, its requirements and needs are much greater, which does not mean that they are impossible to meet.
You have probably wondered more than once from what do different combinations of active ingredients in cosmetics result. Well, this is due to the fact that some substances work better in a duet than alone. Such an example is the extremely attractive combination of hyaluronic acid and argan oil.
Continuous stress, haste, exposure to external factors, chronic fatigue and sleep deprivation - all of these have a negative effect on the condition of your skin, which - like your entire body - functions according to a biological clock. If you try to adjust it by force, your skin may rebel.
You may be surprised, but just because you remove your makeup and wash your face on a day-to-day basis, it doesn't mean that your skin is one hundred percent free of impurities... How is that possible? Unfortunately, a large part of impurities are deposited in hard-to-reach places.
In the life of each of us there comes a moment when we try to stop the passage of time and cease its consequences. Aware of what proper skin care should look like, we reach for various cosmetics with rejuvenating effects. And rightly so. But is that enough?
Caviar is one of the most expensive and luxurious ingredients used in cosmetics. Due to its unique chemical composition, it is often referred to as the elixir of youth. Thanks to its advanced rejuvenating properties, cosmetics with caviar extract are especially recommended for mature women whose skin requires intensive regeneration and reconstruction.
Hydration and nourishment, anti-wrinkle ampoule, eye patches for puffiness and dark circles, delicate massage - skin care in the eye area may seem problematic and time consuming. Does it really have to be this way? It certainly doesn't!
If you experience tight and tense skin on the face, you have a tendency to dry skin patches, and your face remains dull, this means that your skin is dehydrated.
It would seem that imperfections are a real nightmare only in case of people under 20 years of age. Unfortunately, older people more and more frequently experience such skin issues.
Balsam intensywnie odżywiający
Intensywnie odżywia i odbudowuje. Przywraca skórze komfort i równowagę.
When the day is long and the night is too short, everyone can probably see it on your face – because of your dark circles and bags under eyes. Most probably, you try to cover it with makeup, however, in the long run, this method is ineffective...
To keep your skin looking young, healthy and beautiful as long as possible, every day care is a must – but you most probably know it. However, do you remember about moisturising while taking care of your skin on a daily basis?
Are you trying to get rid of skin discoloration? If so, you found something just for you. The shikimic acid is a perfect solution for discoloured skin care. Find out how it works!