Firming and smoothing day cream

Intensively smoothens wrinkles. Restores skin firmness and desirable density. Balances skin colour.

50 ml
Intensively smoothens wrinkles
The cream ensures a visible lifting effect, smoothens the skin, and improves the facial contours. It makes wrinkles less visible, less dense, and less deep.
Restores firmness and desirable density
The cream contains European white water lily (Nymphaea alba) extract, which stimulates the collagen and elasticin metabolism, restoring skin firmness, smoothness, and proper density.
Reduces discoloration, balancing skin colour
The cream has brightening effects, reduces melanin spots, and balances skin colour.
Moisturizes, regenerates, and has antioxidative effects
Moisturizes, supports regeneration, and soothes irritations. Additionally, neutralizes the harmful impact of free radicals.
Effects confirmed by tests
of surveyed women confirmed that the cream smoothens the skin.
of surveyed women noticed that the cream improves skin elasticity.
of surveyed women admitted that the cream
The skin becomes more elastic, while wrinkles less deep and less visible already after 4 weeks of use.
Do you know that…
ancient Greeks believed that white lily had been made from the goddess Hera’s milk?
Water lily (Nymphaea alba) is a water plant with glamorous, impeccably white flowers and leaves floating on the water surface. Thanks to the high content of vitamin C, it fights free radicals, brightens discoloration spots, as well as contribute considerably to the collagen and elasticin metabolism. Additionally, tannin found in water lily supports the skin natural protective barrier.
You will love it, just because
  • it has a delicate, creamy texture
  • it is very well absorbed
  • it leaves a delicate, velvety film
  • it has a pleasant and subtle smell
  • it is perfect even for sensitive skin

Firming and smoothing day cream

Intensively smoothens wrinkles. Restores skin firmness and desirable density. Balances skin colour.


22,80 PLN


For daily care of the face, neck, and décolleté skin. Suitable for every skin type, even the sensitive one.


Use every morning on cleansed and dry face, neck, and décolleté skin. Avoid the area around the eyes.

Product efficacy confirmed by application tests, January–February 2012.


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