Anti-aging eye cream

Reduces the first wrinkles under the eyes. Eliminates bags and dark circles.

15 ml
Slows down the skin aging processes
Clearly reduces the first wrinkles around the eyes (especially crow’s feet) and effectively prevents the new ones from appearing.
Eliminates the signs of fatigue and has soothing effects
The cream contains eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis) extract, which brings relief and eliminates the signs of fatigue, such as bags and dark circles around the eyes.
Strengthens and regenerates
The cream demonstrates intensive strengthening and regenerative effects, improving the overall appearance and condition of the delicate skin around the eyes.
Effects confirmed by tests
of surveyed women admitted that the cream firms and elasticizes the skin under the eyes.
of surveyed women confirmed that the cream improves the overall appearance of the skin under the eyes.
of tested women noticed that the cream eliminates the signs of fatigue under the eyes.
The regular use of the cream improves skin moisturization and reduces wrinkles.
Do you know that…
eyebright has been used as a means to soothe irritations and puffiness of the eye area for centuries?
Eyebright (commonly known as doctor’s eyebright) is a small plant with delicate, white flowers, rich in flavonoids and gallotannins. The plant generic name comes from Greek (Euphrasia officinalis = Euphrasia means “happiness”) and refers to the extraordinary impact of the plant on physical and spiritual health. It helps in hypersensitivity to light and general eye strain. Used to soothe eye irritation.
You will love it, just because
  • it has a delicate, creamy texture
  • it has a pleasant smell
  • it is absorbed quickly
  • it leaves a delicate, velvety film
  • it can be used as a make-up smoothing base
  • it can be used by contact lens wearers

Anti-aging eye cream

Reduces the first wrinkles under the eyes. Eliminates bags and dark circles.


18,00 PLN


Intended for daily care of the skin around the eyes. Suitable for every skin type.


Apply a small amount of the cream in the morning and in the evening to cleansed skin around the eyes.

Product efficacy confirmed by application tests, January–February 2012.


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