Intensive wrinkle-filling serum

Fills wrinkles from the outside, ensuring an immediate skin smoothing effect. Effectively reduces all types of wrinkles.

2 ml
Fills wrinkles from the outside
The serum immediately fills wrinkles from the outside, ensuring an instant skin smoothing effect. Already after a few moments after application, high-molecular mass polymers are deposited in wrinkles, filling them effectively.
Ensures an immediate lifting effect
The three-dimensional matrix in conjunction with red algae (Porphyridium cruentum) extract intensively tightens the skin, strengthening the immediate microlifting effect.
Optically eliminates wrinkles
Microspheres contained in the serum reflect the light from the skin surface, optically eliminating wrinkle lines, which makes them less visible.
Anti-wrinkle effects
The serum has also anti-wrinkle effects, reducing all types of wrinkles day by day.

Instantly plumps lines from the outside


It only takes a tiny amount

of the serum to visually smooth

and re-plump all types of lines.


Its brush applicator allows

for precise filing of crow’s feet,

lines on forehead or around your lips.


Just within seconds from application,

the serum guarantees instant effect

of smooth and silky skin.

Effects confirmed by tests
of surveyed women admitted that the serum proves effective as a make-up smoothing base.
of surveyed women confirmed that the serum is efficient.
of surveyed women confirms that the serum optically improves the skin appearance already after the first use.
It takes only a few moments after the serum application to achieve the effect of smooth and silky skin.
Do you know that…
algae are so abundant in nutrients that, as a raw material, can already constitute a finished cosmetic?
Red microalgae Porphyridium cruentum are algae belonging to the Rhodophyta group. They are known for, among others, their firming properties. Polysaccharides contained in a capsule created by algae intensively tighten the skin and have an additional, perfect moisturizing effect. Algae also demonstrate antioxidative effects and support the skin regeneration processes.
You will love it, just because
  • it has a precise dispenser
  • it provides immediate effects
  • it is an ideal make-up base
  • it makes make-up last longer

Intensive wrinkle-filling serum

Fills wrinkles from the outside, ensuring an immediate skin smoothing effect. Effectively reduces all types of wrinkles.


34,00 PLN


The serum is intended for daily use in places where all types of wrinkles occur. Especially recommended for mature skin. Perfect as a make-up base.


In order to apply an appropriate amount of the cosmetic, turn the tip of the packaging until the product appears in the dispenser. Then, using the dispenser, apply the serum in a wrinkle. Avoid direct contact with the eyes.

Product efficacy confirmed by application tests, July 2014.


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