Skin over 65 years of age – nourish it with Bioliq!

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You have just crossed the 65th year of your life and are probably wondering what your skin care should look like from now on? In fact, its requirements and needs are much greater, which does not mean that they are impossible to meet.

After 65 years of age, several problems are most often indicated: very mature skin becomes extremely thin, dry and rough to the touch, and its density decreases significantly. Due to weaker blood circulation and hypoxia it regenerates much slower and loses its firmness and elasticity. The solution here is Bioliq 65+, a line aimed at meeting all the needs of mature skin. Find out how Bioliq can help your skin!

First of all, hydration

The main problem of skin after the age of 65 is the decrease in the level of hydration, resulting from the loss of hyaluronic acid naturally occurring in the skin. Therefore, even if over the past few years your skin has not required intensive hydration and you have been aiming to keep its matted appearance, now you need to give it a dose of thorough hydration - preferably with hyaluronic acid. Relax - thanks to the light formula of the quickly absorbing Bioliq creams, your face will be void of the unsightly shine. After application, you can successfully put on your make-up.

Secondly, nutrition

After 65, the skin struggles with significant loss of ceramides, which serve as its natural building blocks. Therefore, the key element of care should be to supplement their deficiencies, which cause changes in the skin structure. In Bioliq 65+ creams you will find nourishing oils: macadamia oil, argan oil and sweet briar oil, which has a stimulating effect on cells in the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin. Additionally, they nourish the skin, rebuilding its protective barrier.

Thirdly, reconstruction and regeneration

Mature skin regenerates much more slowly, so it is worthwhile to support it with a cream that is rich in components stimulating its reconstruction. These include, for example, the active form of vitamin A, which increases the production of new skin cells, or vitamin E, which protects the skin against harmful external factors. It is also worth noting the oils contained in Bioliq 65+ creams - argan and macadamia, which perfectly supplement deficiencies of lipids and ceramides, stimulating skin regeneration.

Fourthly, improvement of firmness

One of the most common problems that can occur after the age of 65 is loss of elasticity
and firmness of the skin. Moreover, the amount of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin decreases as well. That is why Bioliq 65+ creams contain substances such as slimarin, which protects cell membranes and connective tissue proteins from the loss of firmness, or wheat germ extract, which has a visible effect on skin tension. Furthermore, Bioliq 65+ creams contain argan and macadamia oils to smooth the surface. This makes the skin noticeably smoother and more supple.


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